Earth's Minerals Scratch Patch

Visualize a cozy European style boutique indoor play place with two small rooms where the floors are covered 3 inches deep with over 2 tons of tumbled gemstones.


The Scratch Patch closed for business after 3 years and 8 months on Dec 5th, 2010.

We hope and dream from our hearts to open a new store in the future on the east side.

We will keep this website and our Facebook page updated with our future plans.

Please check back regularly.

Thanks to all our fans and customers for supporting us all these years.

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Watch the Scratch Patch story featured on Evening Magazine: A secret escape for kids and parents
Watch the video here


Fridays 11 - 5
Saturdays 11 - 5
Sundays 11 - 5
Mondays 11 - 5
Tuesdays CLOSED
Wednesdays CLOSED
Thursdays CLOSED

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2009 Best of Western Washington Fun Place for Kids Read the story here

The Scratch Patch won the goCityKids' 2008 parents pick for BEST Indoor Play Place in Seattle.

Thank you for your support.

Fridays 11 - 5
Saturdays 11 - 5
Sundays 11 - 5
Mondays 11 - 5
Tuesdays CLOSED
Wednesdays CLOSED
Thursdays CLOSED

The Scratch Patch is a fun family experience - interactive gemstone collecting/treasure hunting that is educational, and fun for the whole family.

You do not need to make an appointment to visit the Scratch Patch, just visit us during the following hours.


  • Fridays 11 - 5
  • Saturdays 11 - 5
  • Sundays 11 - 5
  • Mondays 11 - 5
  • Tuesdays CLOSED
  • Wednesdays CLOSED
  • Thursdays CLOSED


  • $2 admission per person (Free admission for grandparents and babies) If you buy a bag for your child, your child's admission is *included* in the bag price.
  • Medium bag - $8
  • Large bag - $15
  • Extra Large bag - $25
  • Non-Laminated Identification chart - $5.00
  • Laminated Identification chart - $6.50

  • TAX not included

A Scratch Patch Birthday Party!

It's a place where parents, grandparents, kids, teens, and groups of friends can visit, and each age group gets something different out of this magical experience.

The Experience

Visualize an extra large sandpit, but instead of sand it is filled with over 150 varieties of sparkling natural smooth tumbled gemstones from all over the world. You sit among thousands of gemstones and "scratch" for your favorites, then fill a bag to take home with you.

You only pay for the bag, not the weight, or type of stones. Identification of the gemstones cannot be easier with our identification chart. Put an identification chart up in your home. Every time you walk past it, take a minute to stop, pick up a rock from your collection and search for its name on the chart.

You can also put these gemstones in potted plants, in aquariums, in the garden, in a beautiful class vase for decoration in your home. You can use them for mosaic art, put them in your bathroom, or simply hold them in your hand to inspire you with their texture, beauty, and color.

    What you do at the Scratch Patch

  • Buy any size of bag
  • Find a comfy place among the stones
  • "Scratch" for your favorite stones, and fill your bag. (You only pay for the bag not for the type, size or weight of the stones.)
  • Identify the type of stones as well as the countries where they are from by using our easy Identification chart.
  • Take your treasures home with you and please come visit us again for another fabulous experience.

Gift certificates

We sell gift certificates for our three sizes of bags Medium $8, Large $15 or XL $25 and identification charts $6.50 which show the names and countries of the minerals and rocks.

If you want to save money, you can buy a gift certificate for a family combo that you can use to visit us once as a family or multiple times (if you buy it for a single person) until you used up all your bags. (TAX not included)
    Gift certificate savings
  • 3 bag special L+L+M = $33 You Save $5
  • 4 bag special M+M+M+M = $29 You save $3
  • 4 Bag special L+L+M+M =$42 You save $4
  • 5 bag special M+M+M+M+M= $35 you save $5
  • 5 Bag special L+L+M+M+M = $48 You save $6

Nurturing natural play area for children

The Scratch Patch embodies an organic feeling of being surrounded by nature's treasures. In European countries, governments are supporting the creation of play areas for children which use only natural materials. It is found that children receive many benefits from playing with natural materials. Their senses engage in playful yet educational activities, and their creativity and peacefulness increases.

The Scratch Patch is such a unique and stunning idea as so much of our working and recreational environments have become very artificial and "plastic".

At the Scratch Patch the children sit in the stones, and that creates a real hands on experience for them, the sense of sight, touch, and hearing are engaged as each stone has a smooth texture but different shape and different color. All the while beautiful bird songs are playing.

We do not get enough reminders that simple, natural, uncomplicated things can bring so much enjoyment and a feeling of ease, and this is something parents and kids can enjoy together.

The Scratch Patch is a place where one can ground again into the feeling of being carefree. The Scratch Patch creates an environment that is natural, with only natural plants, stones, and nature sounds. It is truly a magical and uplifting experience. It is a place for people of all ages, and it is especially loved by children and teens.

Phone: 206 523 6164
Address: 6410 Latona Ave NE, Seattle, WA, 98115